BonSalt Υποκ. αλατιού

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Υποκατάστατο Αλατιού 

  •  L-Lysine Mono-Hydrochloride

    Is an essential amino acid necessary for healthy bone growth and development. It promotes the formation of collagen, enzymes antibodies and other components. It enables to obtain energy from fats and it intervenes in the synthesis of proteins. It provides a salty taste to the blend.

  •  Cream of Tartar

    Is a pleasant testing natural product obtained from grapes. It confers a pleasant taste.

  •  Glutamid Acid

    Is an amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It contributes to the absorption of carbohydrates (necessary for energy) and it is essential for a normal functioning immune system.

  •  Silico

  • n Dioxide

Bon Salt Low Sodiun -66% (Low Salt)

5.00   4.00

BonSalt 0% Natrio 350 gr

10.50   9.50

BonSalt 0% Natrio 85 gr

3.97   3.50

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