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SaltSi is produced with olive oil and Halite salt, thanks to a highly innovative green technology, with an international patent. Halite is a salt mineral, a gift from a primordial sea and uncontaminated disappeared in the Mediterranean basin 6 million years ago.
Known in antiquity as Salt Stone, it is collected in deep caves where it has remained protected for millennia from pollution. 100% natural ingredients for seasoning. SaltSi -
Taste of the Mediterranean Our olive leaves are harvested in a territory that extends parallel to the beaches of the Mediterranean Tuscan coast. SaltSi production plant is located in the province of Livorno. To the East lie the Metalliferous Hills behind Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci, home of famous super Tuscan wines and the Colline Livornesi Natural Park. SaltSi benefits SaltSi instead allows a limited and controlled consumption of less salt, thanks to the spray device that nebulizes micro-saline- drops of Halite, uniforming the salt distribution and enhancing the taste of food with just 25% of salt content. Halite salt, in its natural form, is composed of 84 natural elements and trace elements (the same ones that make up our body), given that it is the salt sediments of primordial seas, in which every form of life has evolved.
In order to function perfectly, our body needs salt in its natural form. Sensory tests carried out in independent lab have shown that using SaltSi the perception of flavor is 5 times higher, thanks to the improved distribution of nebulized salt crystals, compared to traditional salt. So only few sprays are needed to give saltiness, because the Halite salt enhances the characteristics of your foods much more clearly than common salt. After a brief adaptation phase it is easier to salt the food with the SaltsSi saline solution with the same skill with which the common salt is used. In summer this corridor is graced by refreshing winds that arise between the valleys of the river Cecina to the North and the stream Cornia to the South.
Benefits of the Tuscan Microclimate The currents coming from the sea and the discrete thermal excursions of August and September cause slow and regular ripening of all the qualitative components of the olive fruits and leaves. The microclimate also uses a strong luminosity. In addition to direct sunlight, there is a reflection effect on the part of the sea mirror located to the west. The average annual temperature ranges from around 75°F to 45°F (with 18.6° C from April to September, 7.5° C from December to January and 24° C in August). The driest month is July.
Thanks to the mild and favorable climate, the olive trees are cultivated in these areas to produce top quality extra virgin olive oil, the healthy cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, rich in polyphenols. Research shows us today that leaves contain much more polyphenols than the olive oil. Discover the power of the our Olive Leaf Infusion The beneficial properties of the oil are widely reported and discussed. You may be surprised to learn that the leaves contain the greatest amount of active ingredients, with their antioxidant properties which we meticulously protect through our cold infusion and extraction technology. The healthy benefits of olive leaves infusion became popular in recent years, thanks primarly to the numerous well-published international studies. SaltSi leaves are selected and picked from the organically grown olive trees. The leaves contains 30 times more polyphenols than extra virgin olive oil, with several healthy benefits including: ANTIOXIDANT Action Thanks to polyphenols, daily intake prevents cellular oxidation and counteracts the action of free radicals responsible for cell aging.
They have a detox action and favor the elimination of uric acids, toxins, fats and sugars in the blood while favoring the purification of liver and kidneys. Support
CARDIO-CIRCULATORY System They have a strong hypotensive effect, increasing the elasticity of the arteries and favoring a regular blood circulation to counteract hypertension and phenomena such as varicose veins.
CHOLESTEROL They have a cholesterol-lowering action, that helps with the effort to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise those of good cholesterol (HDL).
IMMUNE SUPPORT Thanks to oleuropein, responsible for the longevity of the olive tree, the leaf extract is able to strengthen the immune system.

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