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ATERONON™ is the firstclinically provenbioavailable and bioefficient lycopene supplement.

It is well known that populations eating a cooked tomato-rich "Mediterranean" diet, suffer from a lower incidence of cardio- and cerebro-vascular diseases. Scientific studies of the Mediterranean diet have shown that the powerful antioxidant lycopene is one of the key ingredients contributing to these improved levels of health. LDL cholesterol that is damaged by oxidation is linked to the development of atherosclerosis. Lycopene inhibits the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, an important component in maintaining a healthy circulatory system.

Lycopene is found predominantly in tomatoes and also in some other fruit. When they consumed in a raw forms it is difficult for the human body to extract and absorb lycopene, especially as we get older. After 7 years of research, Scientists at Cambridge University spin-out Cambridge Theranostics have developed a patented formulation that includes milk whey protein and a special processing steps to break down the large crystals of lycopene so that the body can easily absorb, transport, process and benefit from this antioxidant. This proprietary formulation is clinically proven to make the lycopene bioavailable so that it can effectively inhibit oxidative damage of LDL cholesterol.

Ateronon is:

  • A one-a-day supplement shown to provide readily absorbable lycopene and to inhibit damage of LDL cholesterol by oxidation.
  • Designed to keep the heart, the brain and arteries healthy.
  • A food supplement and can be taken alongside prescription medicine.
  • Naturally sourced and has no known side effects.
  • Intended to be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to eat a balanced diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise.
  • Individuals who have established allergies to tomatoes, milk or soya should not take Ateronon.
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Ateronon is “The Tomato Pill”, a unique, natural supplement that helps to maintain healthy heart function.

It is packed with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant derived from tomatoes that is easy for the body to absorb.

Our patented LactoLycopene formula, alongside added thiamin and selenium, can help you protect your heart, naturally. Researched by cardiologists, this groundbreaking product has been the subject of scientific studies at Cambridge University UK, and at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a leading research institute in Boston USA.

Discover how easy it is to adopt an Ateronon lifestyle and stay heart healthy.

WHY SHOULD I TAKE ATERONON? Improves cardiovascular health Supports an active lifestyle Equivalent to 2.2lbs of cooked tomatoes Patented natural LactoLycopene formula that makes Ateronon uniquely bioavailable Undergone more rigorous clinical testing than any other lycopene product in the market

WHAT MAKES ATERONON UNIQUE? Our easy-to-absorb formula Lycopene is extremely hard to absorb due to its molecular structure. Ateronon’s unique LactoLycopene formula combines lycopene with whey protein allowing your body to absorb every bit of goodness.

This is what they mean by "bioavailable". Created by Cambridge scientists A panel of leading Cambridge scientists formulated Ateronon. Our panel, including former Nobel Prize Foundation scientist Alf Lindberg, continually conducts in-house studies to further evidence the efficacy of the formula.

Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards Ateronon has a shelf life of four years. It is produced to pharmaceutical grade and unlike other products in this sector, stability testing is carried out post production and then every 12 months thereafter.

Testing has shown that there is no deterioration of lycopene levels in the product for a minimum of four years after manufacture.

Dedicated to clinical research and testing CamNutra is the only company in sector to develop and influence clinical evidence around Lycopene. CamNutra’s research trial undertaken at Harvard is by far the largest trial undertaken on any Lycopene product.

Ateronon has undergone a series of in-house and independent clinical studies. No other lycopene product has been so rigorously tested.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I TAKE ATERONON? Once a day It is easy to incorporate Ateronon into your lifestyle.

Simply take one capsule a day and your body absorbs the lycopene goodness of over 1kg of cooked tomatoes. If taken daily you will reach the optimum lycopene levels in the blood in as little as two months. To maintain this level, continue to take it daily as part of your regular health care regime. You could take Ateronon every morning after a healthy breakfast to really kick-start your day.


Does Ateronon have any side effects?

Ateronon is a 100% natural food supplement, with no reported side effects.

However, if you have a tomato or whey protein intolerance, do seek medical advice first.

Is Ateronon compatible with statins?

Ateronon has been involved in many studies alongside statins and other medication, and can confidently be taken with your current health program.

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